27 Feb 2014
February 27, 2014

Caputo Flour – The Best for Pizza Dough

Making a Neapolitan-style pizza which is thin in the middle and puffs up around the rim needs a good quality flour such as Caputo ’00′ flour. The “00” refers to the texture of the flour: ’00′ is the finest grind you can get, 0 is the middle, and 1 is the roughest.
Caputo Flour Blue

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Caputo Flour is from the finest grains from around the world. This fine grind, along with a 12.5% gluten content, which gives your dough just enough—but not too much—elasticity, produces a crust that is chewy but not rubbery, with just the right amount of puff on the edges that get charred in some spots in the oven.

Caputo Flour Gold

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Caputo know how to select what is best; they know how to mill and blend to make the perfect pizza flour. G&O foods distribute products across the UK so please give us a call to order your Caputo Flour.