01 Jul 2014
July 1, 2014

Why is Caputo Flour the best?

Without doubt, Antico Molino Caputo makes the world’s best pizza flour; well that’s the opinion of G&O Foods. Through G&O we can bring you the best Caputo has to offer and we believe that out of anything you can do to make better pizza switching to Caputo Pizza flour will make the most difference.

So why is it the best? Caputo is set up like a winery or a perfume company. They get the finest grains from around the world and their vast experience ensures they never comprise on quality. Their business has the sophistication of the Burgundy wine model, or even the French perfume industry in Grasse and coupled with this their use of technology is extremely advance. They are continually testing a wide range of grains from around the world for the characteristics that are right for pizza dough. This is the following criteria they test for under strict conditions:

  • The pressure required to expand the dough
  • The distance the dough stretches before it breaks
  • How quickly you can stretch it without breaking it
  • The dough’s extensibility, without bouncing back

Should any pizza dough fail the quality assurance tests then the flour will be rejected. There are computer generated time-stamped line graphs and pieces of test equipment monitoring the process with more than 30 different grains being tested all the time and it’s this effort and complexity in their operation that makes the different to the quality.

Some key facts about Caputo flour is that it is 100% natural and produced without any additives. The flour is 11%-12% gluten and the expert view is that more than that and your pizza gets too heavy, both on the plate and in your stomach. The characteristic of Pizza Napoletana is a thin middle of the pizza, and a rim that balloons up in the oven.

And finally the company’s goal is to make the perfect pizza flour that behaves the same way every time and I have to agree it really is the closest to perfect that I’ve tasted.