05 Apr 2014
April 5, 2014

Italian Food Establishments

Italian cuisine has changed throughout the centuries and this has resulted in many different types of establishment opening  to serve the needs of the Italian population. Each type of establishment has a defined role and they all tend to stick to tradition.

Agriturismo are working farms recognised by a green and gold sign with a knife and fork that offer accommodations and meals. Sometimes meals are served to guests only. According to Italian law, they can only serve local-made products excluding drinks.

Bar or Caffé are establishments which serve hot drinks such as coffee, soft drinks, fresh juices and alcohol beverages. Hours tend to be from 6am to 10pm. They also serve foods such as brioche, panini, tramezzini and spuntini (snacks).

Birreria is a bar that offers beer found in central and northern regions of Italy.

Bruschetteria are establishments that specialises in Bruschetta, though other dishes may also be offered.

Frasca or Locanda are Friulian wine producers that open for the evening and tend to offer food to accompany their Italian wine.

Gelateria is an establishment that serves Italian ice cream or gelato. They usually have seating area where people can eat their gelato or a takeaway service.

Osteria main focused is offering simple food of the region, often having only a verbal menu. Many are open only at night but some open for lunch.

Paninoteca is a sandwich shop open during the working week.

Pizzeria is an establishment that specialises in Pizza. Wood fired pizza ovens are a specialty of Italy.

Polenteria is a regional establishment seen in limited numbers north of Emilia-Romagna.

Ristorante are often offers upscale cuisine and printed menus.

Rosticceria is an establishment that offers fast-food and traditional local dishes like cotoletta alla milanese, roasted meat, supplì and arancini and sometimes even offer take-away.

Spaghetteria originate in Naples is an establishment that offers pasta dishes and other main courses.

Tavola Calda meaning “hot table” is an establishment that offers pre-made regional dishes. Most open at 11am and close late.

Trattoria is a family run dining establishment which offer good valued Italian food and an informal dining experience.

G&O imports Italian food and wine for many different food establishment throughout the UK.