04 Jan 2014
January 4, 2014

Popular Italian Beers

Italy is probably more famous for its large array of wines nevertheless, there are a large amount of mass-produced beers. Seen as an ideal accompaniment to pizza, the rapid distribution of Italian beer across both Europe and America has been dramatic. Here is a list of the more popular Italian beers.

  • Castello Birra Italiana (ABV 5.0%) is a pale lager that started in the old Moretti factory line after that was taken over by Heineken in 1997. The beer pours a nice dark gold, with a fair head, but that quickly slinks away. The aroma is sweet and spicy and it lingers. Initially, showing off more of the traits of a German beer than a standard Italian one.
  • Birra Dreher (ABV 4.7%) owned by Heineken International is a pale beer brewed by Heineken Italia SpA in Milano It has a light malty flavour with an almost sweet aroma with slight bitterness which comes from this clear pale yellow beer with almost no head. The taste is slightly sweet but crisp with enough bitterness to balance out the sweet.
  • Forst (ABV 4.8%) is a Euro Pale Lager style beer brewed by Brauerei Forst AG in Merano. It pours a pale yellow with a medium lasting white head, some very light lacing. The beer tastes of grains, yeast with grassy notes and some light citrus flavouring.
  • Birra Ichnusa (ABV 4.7%) is owned by Heineken International and is the name of a popular Sardinian-made beer, which is brewed in Assemini, a town near the Sardinian capital Cagliari. The beer pours a very clear deep golden colour, with an initial soda-pop head of white foam that dissipates as quickly. The taste is light grain and corn sweetness on the nose, without much else. Hint of carbonic acid, with a bit of faint grassy hops.
  • Birra Menabrea 1846 (ABV 4.8%) beer is a pale larger brewed in Biella, Piedmont. The appearance is a medium gold body with a nice white head. It’s a malty styled beer with a light fruitiness to the flavour
  • Birra Messina (ABV 4.7%) is brewed in Messina, Sicily and is know as Sicily’s most famous beer since 1923. The appearance is an amber body with medium head. The taste has a slight fruitiness and a hint of spice.
  • Morena (ABV 3.5%) is a German Style pale lager by Tarricone, a brewery in Balvano. The beer has an interesting mix of honey/light citrus sweetness and grassy bitterness.
  • Birra Moretti (ABV 4.6%) is a pale lager owned by Heineken International. The taste is light and creamy like a cream ale style with a cereal grain flavour and a honey after taste.
  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro (ABV 5.1%) is a premiuim lager and is the most well-known worldwide. The name means “Blue Ribbon” in Italian, in honour of the Blue Riband won by Italian ocean liner SS Rex in 1933. Brewed from the barley malts, has a unique balanced taste with a delicate critrus aroma arising from the hops. The best selling pale larger in Italy.
  • Peroni (ABV 4.7%) is a pale ale sometimes known as Peroni Red in export markets. It is the second bestselling pale lager in Italy. It is 4.7% abv, and is made with barley malt, maize, hop pellets and hop extract. Taste is sweet with light bitterness, very light and easy to drink.