Amarone Montresor

RWN01C – Amarone Montresor

A deep ruby red colour with pomegranate reflections. It has an ethereal nose with notes of peach blossoms, violet, raspberry and mint. On the palate it is intense and refined; it displays full body and smoothness, with clear notes of dried grapes.

1 x 75cl

Region: Veneto

Grapes: Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella

Abv: 15%

Amarone della Valpolicella, a leading Venetian wine DOC, now represents 25% of the total production of Valpolicella wine. Amarone della Valpolicella (normally more commonly as “Amarone”) is made using partially shrivelled fruit that has been left to dry, and produces a rich, full-bodied, unfortified, dry red wine.

Located between Lake Garda and Venice, the Amarone zone is concentrated around the villages of Negrar, Fumane, Marano, Sant Ambroglio and San Pietro-in-Cariano. Its vines grow on stony, volcanic, calcareous sites in the foothills of the Lessini Mountains at between 150m and 350m above sea level. With Lake Garda and the Adriatic Sea nearby, the region’s climate is relatively temperate although the proximity of the Alps brings with it the constant threat of hail.


There is a deep relationship here between the land and the farmer, as between the vine and its trellis. From generation to generation, the Montresors never stopped their dialogue with the territory with only one aim: to develop their heritage of hundred years of experience and at the same time being at forefront experimenting new technologies. Always with respect for tradition.

montresor famiglia vini

The long history of the Montresor family boasts illustrious ancestors, like the Count Claude de Montresor, the prime counsellor of Duke D’Orleans in France in 1600 (his writings, \”Memoirs\”, dating back to 1663, are considered of great interest). At the beginning of 19th century a branch of the family moved to Italy in the Veneto region near the lake of Garda, an area renowned for its morain soils: here they found the proper environment where to continue and improve one of the main activities of the family: the viticulture.

The Montresors are part of the wine industry for more than 200 years and they would like to share this privilege with everyone in the world that will choose to drink a bottle of their wines. French blood, Italian spirit.