Falanghina Beneventano de Falco


A brilliant, pale, straw-gold wine. It is highlighted by aromas of garden blossoms, Comice pears, white raspberries and Rainier cherries. Hints of raspberries, currants and citrus join with buoyant acidity and a limestone mineral expression to make this one of the most delicious and versatile white wines of the season.

1 x 75cl

Region: Campania

Grapes: Falanghina

Abv: 13%

Falanghina is an ancient Italian white wine grape, reportedly of Greek origin. It is also said that Falanghina is the grape variety behind Falernian, the most famous wine of Roman antiquity. There has been a renaissance of interest in Falanghina since the turn of the century, and there is now a movement to restore the reputation of this once venerated grape.

Most Falanghina is grown in Campania, in southern Italy. The vines thrive in the porous volcanic soils around Mt. Vesuvius and the warm Mediterranean climate. The berries are yellow-skinned and coated with a thin layer of protective wax.

As a wine, Falanghina can have a slightly pine scent, but is better known for its citrus blossom aromas, in particular bitter orange. On the palate it typically shows classic apple and pear flavours, depending on where it is grown, with spicy or mineral notes.

Though it is increasingly fashionable, Falanghina isn’t yet planted much outside Campania. There is a little in Puglia and Abruzzo, but as yet no international production. Falanghina is often blended with other indigenous Italian varieties, or produced as a sweet passito wine, but varietal expressions of this interesting grape are becoming more popular.

The best known production zones are Falerno del Massico and Sannio.

An antique Pompeian painting represents the god of wine, Bacchus, who raises up out of the background of Vesuvius; on one side a snake stands out: the Genius Loci. The image is clear and is an hymn of plenty, ideal to be represented on the labels of our bottles. De Falco Wine is a volcanic winery, in the centre of the Vesuvius National Park. With the Vesuvius in its heart. Active, with the lively enthusiasm of its founders. Present, with the great experience of its manager. Warm, with the passion of its loving workers. Natural, with the attention which is paid daily to the surrounding environment. Modern.

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