Inzolia Sicilia Terre di Trinacria


A pale straw yellow coloured wine, it is fragrant and very intense on the nose, with hints of flowers and citrus fruits. Fresh and fruity on the palate.

1 x 75cl

Region: Sicily

Grapes: Inzolia

Abv: 11-12%

Inzolia (Ansonica in Tuscany) is used to make a dry white wine. Inzolia is grown in Sicily where it is blended with Grillo and Catarratto to produce Marsala, a fortified wine with high alcohol and a long life. As a table wine, Inzolia has a moderately aromatic, well-flavoured nutty character.

In Tuscany in the coastal Maremma, where it is known as Ansonica, the variety grows well and even in the warmer years retains good acidity. Here the grape is often blended with Vermentino to produce what is considered a general purpose everyday wine, although there are producers making more interesting wines using techniques such as fermenting the grapes on the skins for extra flavour.