Malbec Shiraz Tarquino


Intense flavours of black fruit, chocolate and sweet spice are prominent on the palate. Blackberry and blackcurrant burst from the glass leading to a long finish.

1 x 75cl

Region: Mendoza, Argentina

Grapes: Malbec, Shiraz

Abv: 14%

Malbec – Shiraz is a blend of two dark-skinned grape varieties that is popular in South America and Australia. While the two varieties involved have their origins in France, both have been adopted abroad. Malbec has been so successful in Argentina that it is virtually synonymous with the country’s wine, while Shiraz (known as Syrah in France) has become the quintessential Australian red grape.

Wines made from Malbec and Shiraz are easily identified by their inky-purple colour, usually with good concentration and medium-high tannins. Depending on the blending proportions and barrel considerations, the wine typically smells of dark-red fruits, violets and cedar. Flavours of blueberry, liquorice and pepper are most commonly associated with Shiraz dominant wines, while those with higher proportions of Malbec may show more plum, cassis and leather characteristics.

Apart from a handful of notable exceptions, Malbec and Shiraz blends tend to be competitively priced and are designed to be consumed within a few years of their release. The blend is occasionally used to produced rosé wines as well.

Tarquino is produced by the Argento Wine Company and since its launch in 1998, Argento has quickly become the leading range of wines from Argentina in the UK and represents an exciting new era in Argentine winemaking.

With its high altitude vineyards, desert-like climate and natural irrigation from the Andean mountain melt water run-off, the Mendoza region is capable of producing world class fruit.

The winemaking team uses the latest in cellar technology to craft wines that meet the highest quality standards and show the best characteristics of the unique vine growing conditions.