Pecorino Terre di Chieti Montenero


A light yellow wine with gilded nuances and greenish tones. A fragrant, floral and pleasantly fruity wine, with hints of mango, garden sage, acacia and exotic fruit. It presents a particular acid structure which makes it very fresh, pleasant and balanced with notes of minerals and exotic fruits.

1 x 75cl

Region: Abruzzo

Grapes: Pecorino

Abv: 12%

Pecorino is a light-skinned wine-grape variety used in Italy’s eastern coastal regions, notably Marche and Abruzzo. It is used to make dry, mineral-scented varietal wines under the Offida and Falerio DOC titles, but also works well as a blending component, most often alongside Passerina and Trebbiano. A classic Pecorino wine is straw-yellow in colour and has an elegantly floral bouquet of acacia and jasmine, sometimes spiced with a hint of liquorice.

Although Pecorino’s relatively low yields make it less popular among winegrowers than high-yielding Trebbiano, the variety’s complex aromatic profile and ability to ripen early have earned it a continued presence in the vineyards of central and eastern Italy.

The name Pecorino means literally ‘little sheep’, and has various folk etymologies. It is perhaps more commonly associated with Pecorino cheese (so called because it is made from the milk of ewes), which, co-incidentally, is a good food match for Pecorino wine.

The Italian company Jonathan s.r.l. is based in the heart of Abruzzo – a region rich in history, traditions and natural resources. With the majestic mountains and luxuriant hills overlooking the Adriatic Sea, each sunrise is a magical moment that inspires “love” in the heart.

Jonathan s.r.l. offers the very best branded products that preserve the tradition with an emphasis on quality, which is evident in the distinctive flavour of the wines, the golden clarity of the oil and the smooth taste of the spirits.

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