Penisola Sorrentina Iovine “Terre delle Sirene”


An intense ruby ​​red wine. On the nose we find hints of fruit, in particular red berries. To taste it is well-rounded with notes of ripe grapes and cherries.

1 x 75cl

Region: Campania

Grapes: Piedirosso, Aglianico

Abv: 13.5%

Penisola Sorrentina is an Italian DOC title used for wines from the Sorrento Peninsula, in the Campania region of south-west Italy. The peninsula, which extends into the Tyrrhenian Sea on the southern side of Bay of Naples, is famous for its spectacular landscape and rugged coastline.

The land here is covered with small valleys and hillsides which create a patchwork of potential vineyard locations (not all of them easily accessible, however). The area’s temperate, maritime-influenced climate and high sunshine levels create an ideal growing environment for grape vines.

The official Penisola Sorrentina wine production area contains three sub-zones: Gragnano, Lettere and Sorrento. The former pair are known for their lively, sparkling red wines (both dry and sweet), while Sorrento is better known for its still, dry table wines (both white and red). The ancient Falanghina variety plays the leading role in the DOC’s standard white wine, joined by Biancolella and Greco Bianco. The red wines are based on Piedirosso, supported by Aglianico and Sciascinoso (Olivella). These are the same grapes used in the sparkling red Rosso Frizzante Naturale.

For Penisola Sorrentina wines to be labelled with the name of their sub-zone (Gragnano, Lettere or Sorrento) their potential alcohol must be 1% more than the basic DOC wines. The red wines of this area have been described by some wine experts as ‘the Beaujolais of Campania’. This area wine style was a favourite of Pope Paul III (1468–1549), who, according to the writings of Saint Lancerio, described it as ‘a delicate drink’.

The family Iovine is the oldest producer of wines in the Sorrento Peninsula. The grandfather Aniello began with the production of chestnut barrels used for the transportation and sale of wine.

Four successive generations of the family have allowed a selection of wines to represent, with the farms of Vesuvius Sannio and Irpinia, the essence of the wines of Campania. The initial 20,000 bottles produced have grown from year to year, with enthusiastic feedback. The attentive wine market places Iovine as the apex producers of Campania. A careful perspective, passion and experience of the market, combined with an atmosphere of sincere spontaneity characterize the wine production of the Iovine family business.

In the vast selection of fine wine, the company chooses to highlight the Sorrento Peninsula wine, and also a sparkling red called Gragnano.

In 2007, Iovine received recognition with their inclusion in the list “GOLOSARIA TOP HUNDRED OF BEST ITALIAN WINES” for the Sorrento Peninsula 2006.