Punt e Mes Carpano


Punt e Mes is an Italian vermouth. It is dark brown in colour and has a bitter flavour. Punt e Mes literally means “point and a half” in Piedmontese. It has been said that it owes its name to a sudden raise of the stock market (naturally, of a point and a half) which greatly benefitted the Carpano distilleries, which then created the vermouth brand to commemorate the occasion. Alternatively it may refer to the flavour being characterized as one ”point” of sweetness and half a point of bitterness.

It can be used as a substitute for regular rosso vermouth in such drinks as the Americano, Manhattan and Negroni. Punt e Mes has a strong, distinctive flavour, half-way between regular rosso vermouth and Campari. Punt e Mes was made by the Carpano family from Turin until 2001, when Distillerie Fratelli Branca of Milan bought it.

1 x 1ltr

ABV: 16%

Country of Origin: Italy