Sambuca Molinari


In Italy, Molinari stands for Sambuca. In the world, its name evokes the concept of “Made in Italy” and premium quality standards.

Back in 1945, in Civitavecchia, Angelo Molinari, an experienced and skilled ‘liquorista’, establishes the company and creates a first-class product, with an unmistakable flavour: ‘Sambuca Extra’.

Produced for the first fourteen years by artisans following the traditional methods, Sambuca Extra Molinari quickly grew in popularity all over Italy, becoming the emblematic drink of the Dolce Vita, in Rome. Angelo Molinari himself – helped by his kids, Marcello and Mafalda – suggested Sambuca to the bartenders and restaurants of Via Veneto, which used to serve it with coffee beans (preferably in odd number, for reasons related to superstition).

The so-called “Sambuca con la mosca” (literally, “Sambuca with the fly”) wins the heart of paparazzi and stars such as Anita Ekberg, Marcello Mastroianni and Walter Chiari.

1 x 70cl

ABV: 38%

Country of Origin: Italy