Trebbiano del Rubicone


A yellow straw colour with golden flashes accompanies a vinous, pleasant aroma. On the palate it is dry and harmonious. A low acidity and a nice finish are the hallmarks of this wine.

1 x 75cl

Region: Emiglia-Romagna

Grapes: Trebbiano

Abv: 11.5%

Trebbiano is a white grape which originated in Italy but has successfully migrated to other European wine regions such as Bulgaria, Portugal and particularly France. There are also plantings in New World wine nations, notably Argentina and Australia, where it was most likely introduced by Italian migrants.

Despite being the most widely used white wine grape variety in the world’s two most famous and prolific wine-producing nations (France and Italy), Trebbiano remains relatively unknown to most wine consumers. This is because in France it is used primarily for brandy production and in Italy as a blending component rarely cited on labels.

Trebbiano is still allowed to be used in many of Italy’s 300-plus DOCs. Its most common use is as a blending component, although there are at least six Italian DOCs specifically for single-variety Trebbiano wines (the best known of these is Trebbiano d’Abruzzo). The grape is most prevalent in Tuscany, where it was once so widespread that wine authorities were forced to allow it to be used in some of the region’s red blends.

It is believed that Trebbiano was introduced to France during the 14th Century, when the papal court was established at Avignon. (It was from this event that the name Chateauneuf-du-Pape was derived.) In subsequent centuries, extensive plantings occurred all over the southern Rhone Valley, right down to the Mediterranean coast in Provence.

It is in Cognac, however, that the variety has made its biggest impression, under the guise of Ugni Blanc. Here, and in Armagnac, it is responsible for the world’s most celebrated brandies.

The typical wine made from Trebbiano is crisp and refreshingly high in acidity. Typical tasting terms associated with the variety include references to citrus fruits, white floral notes (such as magnolia) and mineral components, depending on the terroir of origin.

The company was founded by Aurelio Poletti in 1925. As a result of his commitment, followed by that of three generations of his descendants and other hard, honest workers, the company has continued to offer high quality products and services.Casa Vinicola Poletti’s production is based on its own grapes that come from fifty hectares of vineyards. The company processes around 50,000 quintals of grapes, some of which are also provided by selected local growers, on its own wine – producing plant, where 20 million litres of wine are made and bottled every year. The end results of the highly adaptable, cutting edge production cycle are able to satisfy demands from a wide range of sales channel, which has led to the development of an extensive domestic and international sales network. The company has added to its prized “Vite d’Or”, “Simphonia”, “Castellaccio” and “Cantine Fabri” trade names, with a new, top quality label aimed at the most exclusive segment of the market: “La Sagrestana”.

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