Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Castelmoresco


A classic white wine known for it’s freshness, it displays a straw-yellow colour with greenish hues. The bouquet is delicate and elegant with hints of fruits and flowers. It is dry on the palate but not harshly so, with a typical almondy finish.

1 x 75cl

Region: Marche

Grapes: Verdicchio

Abv: 12%

Verdicchio is a yellow-green grape variety from central Italy responsible for making dry wines of the same colour. The variety has been used here for many centuries, and its use has been documented in the Marche region since the 14th Century.

In Marche, two DOC titles exist for varietal Verdicchio wines: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi and Verdicchio di Matelica. The grapes may also be used in blends from other regions, including Marche’s neighbours Umbria and Lazio. In the various DOCs where Verdicchio is allowed to be blended, Malvasia and Trebbiano are used as traditional partners. Verdicchio and Trebbiano are very similar in the vineyard, and have often been confused with each other – as is evidenced in Verdicchio’s regional synonyms, Trebbiano di Soave and Trebbiano di Lugana.

Verdicchio is not a particularly aromatic variety, especially when over-cropped. At its best it offers elegant aromas of citrus and nuts, specifically lemon and bitter almonds. The variety lends itself well to the production of spumante (sparkling) wines, which are a local specialty on the Adriatic coast.