If you do not speak Italian, you may be confused about the words used on the label. Here’s a list of the most common words found on Italian wine labels.

Label Word Meaning
Azienda Company
Barrique Oak Barrel to hold wine
Bianco A white wine
Bottigila Bottle
Brut A dry sparkling wine
Cascina Another name for a winery
Cantina Wine Cellar
Classico A classic zone within a particular DOC region. This does not mean the wine is better being from a classic area for producing wine.
Castello Similar to the word chateau in France for wine estate. Many of the Castello in Italy are associated with an ancient castle.
Dolce Indicates sweet or desert wine
Fattoria Wine farm
Frizzante Lightly sparkling wine or fizz
Poggio Means hill or elevated place. Since Roman times, many vineyards throughout Italy are located on slopes or hills and this is probably where the term originated
Podere A Small Estate, propoerty
Produttore Wine Producer
Riserva A wine that’s been aged for longer than the normal version of the same denomination. Aging varies from denomination to denomination, but generally it’s about a year longer.
Rosato A rose wine
Rosso A red wine
Secco A dry wine
Superiore Associated with a regional name and indicates a high quality designation.
Tenuta Land holding or property. Usually associated with the vineyard location or wine estate.
Vendemmia A specific harvest or vintage
Vigneto Vineyard